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Andrea Harding, Principle Consultant and Director

Andrea set up Wildwire in 2004 following what her counselor described as a ‘mid life crisis’ at the age of 28.  Only four years after graduating with a first class degree in Communications, spearheading regional and national innovation in tourism technology and heading up the regional tourist board’s first New Media department, Andrea became disillusioned with the dynamics of the industrial workplace.  Motivated by her own inspirations to do things differently and a Walter Mitty like desire for authentic expression, Wildwire was conceived.  Read more…


“An integral approach is a win-win approach. When all parts work in harmony, whether it is a project, organisation, human being or the planet, creativity can flourish and joy ensues” Andrea

Bret Warshawsky, Associate Consultant

Bret is a maverick visionary who has been inspired by his own experiences and inquiry into mental wellness to pioneer radical new approaches to co-creation, spiritual philanthropy and the gift economy.  A former prom king and A grade student who graduated and took the ‘road less travelled’, Bret is a natural born entrepreneur who discovered through profound mental health trauma that his passion was not in using his ingenuity to make money, but to direct flows of creativity “current sees” in creating inner and outer wealth for all… integral wealth.  Read more…

Gift Economy
Mental Health

Let’s imagine anything is possible, and we can realize our most heart-felt dreams.. that’s where I like to begin every inquiry and every choice” Bret