Integral Vision and Strategy ↷

Supporting Evolutionary Organisations

Discoveries in psychology, interpersonal development, and environmental science, and current shifts brought about by global technology are evolving businesses and economies.  The internet is breaking down the paradigms of competitive, silo thinking and giving birth to distributed, decentralized, collaborative and whole system models of synergy, cooperation and well being.  Evolutionary businesses are exhibiting evolved systems of operation that are highly collaborative, self-organising and co-creative.  Millennials are evidencing a passion and adaptability for human interest projects and are less motivated by material excess.

Wildwire supports organisations and communities to develop strategies that enable them to operate in an evolutionary context and with heightened synergy and creativity in their own communities and organisational structures.  We combine our understanding of macro environmental forces with our core skills and experience in technology, communication and team dynamics.



collaborationEvolutionary perspectives are grounded in over ten years working in commercial business development and regional economic development for government agencies.  This combined insight has given us first hand experience of commercial models as well as not for profit structures, social organisation and social re-engineering at scale.  We have experience in:

  • Economic Regeneration and Tourism
  • Community Development
  • Multi-stakeholder Programmes
  • Regional Innovation

Example Project – Noomap

Wildwire has had a direct involvement in founding and creating Noomap across the last three years, a global social and technology platform that empowers co-creation and evolutionary collaboration processes through its design and its operation.  Noomap’s Activation Community includes over 30 communities and numerous social innovators from around the world who share the same intention to co-author a new collaborative ecosystem.  You can learn more about Noomap at



  • Gift/co-operative economy
  • Network-based approaches
  • Emergent innovation
  • Co-creation and collaboration
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Systems thinking and technology
  • KINS (Key Initiator Network Strategy)


  • Efficiency
  • Win-win relationships (synergy)
  • Open participation
  • Self organisation
  • Heightened creativity
  • Personal harmony and well being


  • Evolutionary organisation strategy
  • Business technology strategy
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Technology strategy/integration
  • Whole systems transformation
  • Community participation