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Spearheading Innovation

Technology has always been the core evolutionary driver in our work.  We perceive digital technology to be an evolutionary tool that has the ability to create fully integral operating systems both within an organisation and for the world at large.  Our super power is digital innovation and being able to hold space for the creative vision as it is translated into an executable reality.   Having been involved in technology innovation since the days of the ‘dot com bubble’, we understand the natural patterns that occur as a technology transitions from concept to development and are able to nurture the birthing process by describing and translating the vision to different stakeholders.  This midwifing is essential for projects that have a high degree of complexity and novelty, ambitious vision and multi-stakeholder applications.  Our experience in this field has come from intensive involvement in software innovation for the UK tourism industry during a period of significant technological evolution in the sector.  We have been involved in the co-innovation of national and regional destination management systems, breakthrough, award winning websites and many cutting edge e-marketing initiatives.



Fully Integrated Solutions

goLakesOur experience in innovation, enables us to help clients deploy digital communication technologies that are tailored to their overall vision and comfortably transition their organisational (and more broadly societal) practices to respond to technological changes.  We help groups and organisations understand the broad-scale impact and potential that technology brings, not just the day to day implications of having a new web page.  Technology can affect every part of an organisation and business; having an integral approach is essential to making the most of it and avoiding issues further down the line.

Naturally, our focus is on creating integral solutions that balance communication and business application needs with technical perspectives.  As communications experts, our focus is always on ensuring the message and user journey remains as powerful as the technology engine behind the scenes.  Our former involvement as directors in one of the UK’s first website content creation companies, has allowed us to devote ourselves to exploring the singular impact rich content has on online engagement.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 01.09.00Beyond these conventional specialties, we provide consulting around Noomap Co-creation technology and other platforms that empower distributed and evolutionary approaches such as cryptocurrencies, blockchains and crowd-funding.

Our experience and expertise range from strategic direction through to hands-on production.

Innovating New Tourism Technology Structures – Destination Management Systems (DMSs)

guestlink_daybookMuch of our wisdom in technology innovation and management was gained during the early millennium working as a co-innovator of ‘destination management systems’ (DMSs) in the UK at a regional and national level.  DMSs are sophisticated ‘behind the scenes’ technology platforms that enable diverse groups of stakeholders involved in a destination to collaborate so they can offer unitive communications and services to end-users.  Unlike other kinds of products, tourism destinations are made of many distributed stakeholders such as local political agencies, international hotel chains, restaurants, national parks, small B&Bs, land owners and attractions all with different public and private sector interests and diverse data and marketing needs.  The purpose of a DMS is to enable all these different parties to input and share their data in realtime so that it can be used by visitors to gather information and book visits via websites, tourist information centres and regional and national call centres.  A DMS has to support this complex level of collaboration at both a regional and national level, enabling businesses, tourism agencies and operatives to co-manage bookings and inventory, customer e-marketing campaigns, merchandising and website content.  All of this has to fully integrated with regional and national marketing campaigns which generally have to respond to realtime changes in the market and have powerful content to support ambitious branding objectives.

webbyThe DMS is the ultimate example of a sophisticated, distributed, integral collaboration system, enabling multiple groups to service their own interests while simultaneously responding to collective goals.  Wildwire was involved in the conception and creation of the technology at regional and national levels as well as the communications and business process re-engineering (BPR) required to engage different stakeholders in the vision and technology.  Our work in this field has attracted several awards including the Queen’s Award for Industry (runner up), accolades from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and national and international awards (including a prestigous Webby Award) for marketing and innovation.  We have subsequently been providing specialist consultancy to destinations, agencies and commercial companies using and building DMSs for over ten years.


  • User experience
  • Technology innovation
  • Social media
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Performance monitoring
  • Content management/production
  • Website design and development
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • E-marketing
  • Collaboration and co-creation
  • Online networking/buzz marketing
  • Destination management systems


  • Organisational agility and dynamism
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Supply chain connectivity
  • Enhanced user engagement/co-creation
  • User engagement
  • Enhanced reach
  • Measurable impact
  • New SROIs


  • Technology development
  • Technology strategy
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Website development
  • Website management
  • Online marketing
  • Network development
  • Process integration