Co-creation ↷

A New Paradigm

Humanity is in a period of conscious evolution.  As our perceptions and ideas are growing and evolving, it is becoming possible to conceive of our planet and reality in a whole new way.  At Wildwire, we believe humanity is shifting to a new paradigm of awareness that enables us to see and experience how everything in reality is in a constant state of entanglement.  In this context, the actions that people take all impact each other and the planet; we are one interconnected ecosystem.  When we study this phenomena in nature we see other organisms working in cooperation or otherwise the whole system eventually collapses, which can be likened to what is now happening to humanity as we experience environmental, economic and health crisis.  By making visible and developing systems that reveal the impact and value of our interconnectedness, we can heal ourselves and our planet and move towards greater levels of harmony and abundance.


Synergistic Systems

Wildwire co-develops social architectures and systems that enable us to experience interrelationships and nourish connections that are ‘synergistic’ in nature.  Synergistic means that the relationships have a unique value or opportunity that is unavailable when the people or groups involved act alone.  The synergies are not just economic in nature, but also take into account the synergy of the environment and the human being.  For example, a relationship can be synergistic if it enables the person involved to follow their passion as this is healthy for the nervous system.

Organising Synergistically

We nourish and empower the use of systems that enable people, groups, businesses and communities to organise synergistically.  These kinds of systems, through their design, make visible interrelationships as well as ensuring all participants have equality and freedom to follow their inner wisdom.  Without this kind or organising principle, synergy cannot blossom.  For example, many of our current systems organise people and data hierarchically or in silos which means some people have less power than others or we cannot see the full picture in order to make synergistic connections.  Nodal and fractal structures are highly synergistic and enable to see the interconnected nature of our ecosystems at all levels of perception – planetarily, organisationally, personally and cellularly.  Wildwire’s project, Noomap, uses holons (nodal and fractal) as a synergistic organisational system and social architecture alongside other technologies and models that are emerging such as Metamaps, holocracy and sociocracy.

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cocreationfrequenciesCo-creation represents a way of collaborating in a synergistic operating system.  Collaborations are organised around synergistic principles which re-arranges the way we think about ‘doing business’ entirely.  In a co-creative eco-system, there is a shift away from linear, disconnected forms of organisation towards interconnected network-based approaches.  Co-creators synchronise around synergised intentions, dreams, goals, skills, needs, resources and passions for a window in time to share their gifts and then fluidly reorganise once they have realised their visions.  This creates an infinite and dynamic loop of self-rewarding action, resource-sharing and gifting, where the creator is free to explore unlimited possibilities.  Our currency becomes one of trust rather than material exchange.

“It’s conceivable that in the future the evolutionary purpose, rather than the organization, will become the entity around which people gather. A specific purpose will attract people and organizations in fluid and changing constellations, according to the need of the moment.”

Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organisations

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Wildwire’s inspirations build on the insights of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s groundbreaking work and ‘7 Ss of Co-creation’.  A close collaborator of the Noomap project, Barbara is a world recognised futurist and author who works with teams of Evolutionaries across the world to develop co-creation practices.  Barbara also spearheaded ‘syncons’ – Synergistic Convergence events designed to foster synergistic convergence between opposing groups.

“Synergy does not mean giving up what we want. It means joining to co-create so each is able to receive ever more of what attracts us through joining rather than opposing.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard