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Andrea Harding, Principle Consultant and Director

Andrea set up Wildwire in 2004 following what her counselor described as a ‘mid life crisis’ at the age of 28.  Only four years after graduating with a first class degree in Communications, spearheading regional and national innovation in tourism technology and heading up the regional tourist board’s first New Media department, Andrea became disillusioned with the ‘control and command’ dynamics of the industrial workplace.  Motivated by her own inspirations to do things differently and a Walter Mitty like desire for authentic expression, Wildwire was conceived.

The founding vision of empowering integral and natural creativity is embodied in Andrea’s own skill set.  Andrea’s integral and diverse skills include directing complex technology innovation projects, business strategy, economic regeneration, partnerships, communications planning, graphic design, social media management, website development, PR and co-creation.

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Empowering Wholeness and Wellness

andreandhollyAndrea’s skills and services are underlined by her passion for human well being and creative wholeness, which she empowers through MBTI coaching, co-creation practices and her devotion to empowering kindness, unconditional love and wellness as the foremost priorities for an enlightened workplace and world.


Andrea has engaged with more than 300 destinations and businesses across the UK to provide technology integration and development, communications and marketing insights.  She has supported the UK’s largest supplier of tourism technology for over six years with communications and business development activities and was a key innovator of tourism platforms for regional and national tourism agencies.  Running one of the first new media departments in UK public sector tourism, Andrea launched one of the first destination-based magazine portals and used intranet technology to support the UK government’s response to the Foot and Mouth crisis.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 20.01.19Andrea was also a co-director of a web content businesses (Cloud Content) and a business energetics platform (HD-id) that novelly identified how value systems affect business productivity.  This whole entrepreneurial path was sparked when Andrea was 13 years old and set up a local village newspaper using her school’s first Apple Desktop computer, which brought her much fulfillment as well as young person’s award for enterprise.

Richard Spencer – Director, PartnershipGlu

For you, every event, every person has a purpose in life. These people will teach us lessons if we care to listen. You find connection and resonance with people. They reflect your brightness, your creativity, your need to feel alive, to understand, to challenge. You readily absorb this vibration via music, art, poetry and conversation. You fall quickly when this is piped directly into your heart. You thirst for learning, for new experiences, for new dimensions of yourself. You find places and people where you are needed. Or is it the other way around?

Richard Spencer – Director, PartnershipGlu


Technology Innovation

holoncreation_mockupAndrea’s accumulated experiences led to a turning point in 2012 when she was inspired to take all that she had learned and innovate her own technology and network.  Andrea set up an international co-creation network for people interested in whole systems and self organising innovation, attracting more than 1000 co-creators from across the world.  This led to the emergence of the Noomap project, a fractal collaboration technology empowering co-creation and collaboration.  Andrea now works with more than a hundred communities globally engaged in co-developing distributed, evolutionary technologies and organisations fueled by passion and wholeness.


Andrea’s range of transferable skills also allow her to move fluidly between hands-on delivery and more managerial and strategic roles which is helpful for clients that require full-service support but don’t want to engage with larger agencies.




  • International Webby Award (Golakes)
  • Nominee Queen’s Award for Industry
  • UK National Marketing Awards (Innovation)
  • Young Person’s Award for Enterprise

Academic Qualifications

  • BA Communications and English with Women’s Studies, First Class Honours, University of Leeds
  • A Levels Media Studies (A), English (A) and Art and Design (A)

Vocational Training

  • Qualified MBTI Practitioner
  • NTI Flash Animation, NTI Advanced SEO, Basic and Advanced Access, Welcome to E-business, RSA IT (Stages 1 & 2)
  • RSA Typing (Distinction)
  • Welcome Host, BACD Business Conference Marketing
  • Skllpath Team Management


★ Receptive ★ Creative ★ Visionary ★ Fluid ★ Open ★ Relational ★ Systematic ★ Analytical ★ Introspective ★ Artistic ★ Inspiring ★ Empathic ★ Synthesising ★ Integrating ★ Intuitive

Rachel Tyson – Head of New Media, Cumbria Tourism

“I have worked with Andrea for a number of years and her approach is so refreshing, she is a pleasure to work with. Andrea is an excellent web marketing expert and her knowledge, creativity, communication and project management skills all demonstrate how she is one of the best web consultants around. I would highly recommend Andrea and look forward to continuing to work with her.”

Rachel Tyson – Head of New Media, Cumbria Tourism
Victoria Joyce – Commercial Director, New Vision Group

Over the past six years working with us Andrea has been invaluable in translating our ‘big picture’ thinking into the operational. She has a great ability to combine her detailed understanding of technology and marketing with our strategic vision. She cares that our commercial interests are addressed throughout our business processes and solutions. And it’s fair to say that she’s been vital in getting our communications to hit the right note with the right people to secure us the right contracts!

Victoria Joyce – Commercial Director, New Vision Group
Nicola Boyne – Head of Performance, Northumbria Tourist Board

Andrea is great fun to work with, and also very good at what she does. She has a keen eye for detail, and is able to get very disparate groups of people working together. She’s also able to turn her hand to all sorts of very varied tasks and challenges.

Nicola Boyne – Head of Performance, Northumbria Tourist Board
Claire Boston-Smithson – Commercial Director, VisitTeesValley

We commissioned Wildwire to develop an e-tourism strategy for visitTeesvalley. The strategy gave us the tools we needed to deliver improved online activities on a day to day basis and re- shaped our view at the business level so that our thinking and activities were aligned from top to bottom. We were able to make a real radical shift in vTv’s culture and business strategy at root which rapidly enhanced our performance and influence on the ground as well as our internal confidence and efficiency.

Claire Boston-Smithson – Commercial Director, VisitTeesValley