Move Over Silicon Valley: Compassion Valley Rotterdam Host for New Groundbreaking Internet 3.0

Move Over Silicon Valley: Compassion Valley Rotterdam Host for New Groundbreaking Internet 3.0

The co-creators of a groundbreaking new internet technology claim that their platform is going to change the world in such a profound way that we’ll find it hard to remember what Google and Facebook were used for. Noomap, describing themselves as the emerging ‘Apple’ of an emerging ‘new paradigm’, turned their backs on Silicon Valley and headed for ‘Compassion Valley’ Rotterdam in order to develop their innovations in an environment that supports their vision. They say that changing the world is not just a dream, but entirely possible because they are already living ‘the change’ in their Rotterdam ‘Synergy Hub’ home.

Noomap are developing a new internet operating system called ‘H4OME’ that is based on a similar data structure inspired by the human brain. The technology uses a concept called ‘holons’ to store data in spherical containers which stack inside each other like Russian dolls. Users of the technology do not need to understand the technical thinking behind the design. Noomap simply invites us to understand the advantages of organising, visualizing and interacting with data in this radically new way – benefits such as being able to use a more human-like search engine (which they call a Synergy Engine), move pieces of information around like objects with our hands in 3D space, and the ability to switch ‘lenses’ on our information to view it in different ways. It’s the kind of technology we see in futuristic movies where people stand in front of glass screens, surfing through endless colourful, 3D landscapes of data. The vision makes our current paradigm of flat and boxed-in computing feel positively stone age.

Chris Larcombe and Noomap

It is easy to see why Noomap are confident about changing the world, and their claims are not solely a result of their technical innovations. Noomap envisions their technology will enable human beings to organise themselves differently through holonifying their communities, their data and their intelligence. Holonification reveals how everything we perceive is truly interconnected and, as a result, naturally gives rise to ‘synergies’ or ‘win win’ opportunities for people, organisations and communities. These synergies are so rich that they make cooperation and collaboration a no-brainer.

Anticipating the social effects of their technology, Noomap has been prototyping for over four years new organisational and lifestyle models that operate through synergy. Particularly inspired by the groundbreaking work of fellow co-creator and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, they call this way of living and being ‘synergistic co-creation’ where people are invited to self-organise into a synergistic network based on their personal synergies or ‘resonance’. Out of these synergies, creative projects emerge along with new types of currency, gift exchanges, skills sharing and, most importantly, new ways of living and experiencing wellbeing. At their groundbreaking ‘Synergy Hub 1.0’ in Rotterdam, Noomap have been working with synergistic partners ‘The Meesteren Foundation’ and ‘United Earth’ to fully explore how this new form of social organisation works in practice. As a result of their experience they are of the view that Noomap’s technology and Hub living go hand in hand:

“Our work is both technological and social – these things cannot be separated.  Synergising technology makes a new world possible, and Synergy Hubs are the living spaces where this can be experienced first hand.

In a Synergy Hub environment, co-creators can learn more about people and projects they are synergising with, have space to play and develop their co-creations and then share them in collaborative ways with other members of the network.  Synergy Hubs are an invitation into a whole new lifestyle” says Noomap Co-founder, Bret Warshawsky.

The current Synergy Hub is situated in a reformed ‘Care Home’, made possible by the visionary work of the Meesteren Foundation who have been pioneering gift economy principles in community environments for the last four years.  Noomap say that their ‘synergistic’ encounter with Meesteren Foundation is an example, in itself, of how great creativity can blossom through bringing together people with synergistic intentions.

Noomap are now looking to move out of a significant period of Research and Development and begin developing the H4OME platform and Hub model so that it can be rolled out globally.  Of course, Noomap will not be developing their platform as a traditional company, but as one of the first synergistic co-creative ‘hubs’ on the planet using its own processes.  Interested developers, designers and partners looking for a lifestyle change are invited to synergise with Noomap’s Self Locating team at