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At Wildwire, our passion is synergy and whole systems thinking.  Our specialism is helping businesses, organisations and people become more interconnected and integrated, inside and out.  We provide consultancy and support in numerous disciplines – strategy, technology, communications, energetics – while being able to situate our expertise in a holistic perspective which reveals the power of optimising the synergies between them.  We also design and provide co-creative solutions, an evolving new discipline where synergy and cooperation provide the basis for highly agile, harmonious, thriving and abundant creative collaborations.  We are thrilled to talk and work with people who share our passions.


“An integral approach is a win-win approach. When all parts work in harmony, whether it is a project, organisation, human being or the planet, creativity can flourish and joy ensues”


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Meet the Team

Find out more about the people behind Wildwire and our stories, experiences, passions and inspirations.


We create strategies that can help your group, project or organisation become more cohesive and effective.


We provide a holistic approach to communications, enhancing expression through all forms of media.


We use technology innovation to improve the way people and organisations synergise and integrate their processes and needs.


When we invest in people first, abundance flows.  We provide a range of support tools to enhance well-being and connectedness.


Co-creation is an emerging discipline that organises our collaborations to optimise social synergy, wellness and co-operation.